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The Formation of 3CCAA

The founder, lead Counsellor and Autism Assessor of 3 Counties Counselling and Autism Assessment is Beth Jacobs.  In the semi-rural towns and villages of south-west England there are relatively few services providing general Counselling, and there is a particular and very urgent need for a service providing mental health counselling and most especially Autism Assessment and Counselling services. To compliment the currently stretched NHS services, Beth decided to open this practice.


Beth is a Mental Health Therapist and is a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)  (reg. MBACP 597829  accred) and a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) (MBPsS 301324). As a practitioner she is bound by the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the BACP and the BPS.

Beth gained her MA Ed. from Walsh University and a BS Ed from Central Michigan University both in the USA. In 2004 she won a Fulbright Teacher Exchange allowing her to visit the UK and experience its education system for the first time. 

Beth has worked to help people of all ages with varying degrees of autism for more than two decades in the public and private health sectors.  She has worked in private practice in the USA as a Mental Health Therapist and also in the US school system, counseling inner city children and adolescents with mental health issues, gang related issues and learning disabilities. Beth has also spent time living and working in Cambodia where she assessed new mothers struggling with post natal depression and taught meditation and baby massage in the rural villages of Battambang. 

In the past ten years Beth has worked in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health unit of the NHS in the southern UK. In 2014, she co-founded 3 Counties Counselling and Autism Assessment and acts as lead Counsellor and Diagnostic Assessor. As an Accredited Autism Assessor with BeginningwithA, UK, Beth is qualified to administer assessments specific to Autism/ASD. This experience includes specializing in adult ASC (Autism) assessments.

First diagnosis in adulthood has finally become recognised as an important clinical issue due to the increasing awareness of autism, broadening of diagnostic criteria, and the introduction of the spectrum concept. Thus, the idea of a lost generation of people who were previously excluded from a diagnosis of classic autism has arisen. Making a first diagnosis of autism spectrum conditions in adults can be challenging for practical reasons (eg, no person to provide a developmental history), developmental reasons (eg, the acquisition of learnt or camouflaging strategies), and clinical reasons (eg, high frequency of co-occurring disorders). The diagnostic process includes referral, screening, interviews with informants and patients, and functional assessments. 

Beth is the co-author of Allyn and Bacon's Quick Guide to the Internet for Counseling - Beth Pachis (Jacobs); Sam Rettman; Doug Gotthoffer;  Pearson, 2001. Boston : Allyn and Bacon, ©2001.

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