Additional Services

3CCAA ties its services to every individual client in a bespoke manner, and we will endeavour to provide the following services that are comlpimentary to autism and other mental health conditions.

Clinical Psychiatric Assessment

Special Education Needs (SEN) Services

Speech and Language Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services

Corporate Support

MDA Multi-Disciplinary Assessment

The Multi-Disciplinary Assessment has been devised at 3 Counties Counselling and Assessment with the aim of providing a detailed multi-disciplined profile of children whose parents are concerned about neurodevelopment, behaviour or academic progress. The child’s difficulties are identified either by the parents or grandparents and/ or by the school where he or she attends.

The Multi-Disciplinary Assessment (MDA) comprises five major components;

A clinical assessment/evaluation following review of all relevant medical and educational (school) reports.

A diagnostic evaluation taking into account the opinions of the various different specialists who have been asked to contribute to the MDA.

A feedback meeting with the parents

A management plan including therapy intervention or therapeutic recommendations.

An individual educational plan and liaison with the school where the child attends by one of our senior educationalists on the team. Follow up is recommended at three to six-monthly intervals, firstly to judge the impact of the initial management plan over time and secondly to fine-tune the interventional programme as necessary.

3CCAA now offers Corporate Support

The following Companies/Councils/Charities have accessed 3CCAAsupport for their employees for counselling and ASD related issues;


Ministry ofDefence

National Oceanography Centre

Wiltshire County Council

Avon and Sommerset Police

Charity for Civil Servants



Sarum Counselling

Department of Justice and Equality, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

*Additional costs may be incurred. Please request more information if interested

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