Autism Pre-Assessment (3 Years to Adult)

3 Counties Counselling and Autism Assessment begins all potential autism assessments with a pre-assessment study.

It is often the case that whilst concerned parents and/or guardians may suspect that their child displays what they consider to be autism behaviour, in fact many youngsters have well-known and recognisedbehavoural conditions that are professionally dignosed as lesssevere than autism.

These pre-assessment studies consist of an interview with both the client and the parent and/or guardian of the child-adolescent, and reviews of the clients’ developmental history and any possible medical factors that may contribute to behavoural problems.

The results of this pre-assessment will be presented at a meeting with with the parent and/or guardian, along with a written appraisal of the client, and, if appropriate, recommendations for further assessment(s) and future support.

Such further assessments may include a full Autism Assessment and/or a Cognitive Assessment.

3 Counties Counselling & Autism Assessment 2018