School Observation

In-school observation provides the parent(s) with an unbiased report on how the student responds to the many and various stimuli within the school environment. The observation would assess how the student reacts to and behaves during formal teaching and at social times (breaks) in the school day. Should further assessment be needed, this type of observation can provide excellent background material for the counsellor to build a meaningful development plan.

Many students under observation are acutely aware of the (sometimes barbed) responses and reactions of their peer groups, and so we like to undertake part of the in-school observation away from the peer group, to gain an insight as to how the individuals perceive themselves and their in-school experiences. It is very rare that we will agree to regular in-school counselling sessions per se, as these may draw unwanted comment and attention from peer groups.

3 Counties Counselling & Autism Assessment 2018